Investing Our Time

Needs. We all have them. Some have the need of transportation, or finances – others have the need of child care. What about those who have no husband or a husband who travels all of the time? They need someone to help them fix things up or help them with yard work. There is the mom who could use someone to fix meals for her once in awhile as she cares for a child with disabilities or the family who has no relatives nearby and just needs friendship and a support system.
What are your needs? Do you feel like they are being filled?
God tells us in Hebrews 10:24, 25  “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”
To me that means being there for each other – being there – physically. Giving up of yourselves and your time.  It seems to me that it is so much easier for people these days to say, “I’ll pray for you” than it is for them to actually move to action themselves. It’s easier for them to talk to you and ask how it’s going than it is for them to give up their own valuable time to help in some way. And if there are people giving and making efforts; a lot of times it is for some big “cause.” The church can often make the mistake of looking outward to helping “others” rather than looking inward and helping its own.
I’ll give you an example.
When we first moved into our house we had A LOT of yard work to do. Living on an acre, we still do.  One day shortly after our move we asked some men and friends in our church to come and help us shovel some rock that we were having delivered. We offered to provide lunch for everyone. We must have invited over 20 men. Two came to help. 
We live in an area where the closest family members are five hours away. People who live near family don’t know what this is like. You have no one to count on for childcare, no one to help when you are sick and still have to manage to get your kiddos off to school or make their lunches, no one to help when your husband is out of the country and you are “manning” it up on your own – no one but the friendships you have made. So if those friends are busy with their own lives – that leaves… you guessed it – no one.
I’m coming to find out that giving up of your time is more valuable than almost any other resource you can give someone. It is one of the most unselfish, loving things you can do. To be there for those you love.  Make the efforts to invest in others. If someone is in town and it’s not a convenient time for you – so what! Let them come over and show them you value them and the desire they had to see you. If someone is celebrating a holiday all by themselves – invite them over or better yet – drive or go fly to be with them! Give up your time and finances to invest in them.  If someone is having a birthday and they live hundreds of miles away, figure out a way to show him or her how special they are by coming up with something clever that you can do over the miles. I have a friend who had everyone important to another friend of hers take their pictures with a heart and a birthday greeting. She put them all together and featured them on her blog as a birthday surprise for her friend. Now THAT is clever, and loving! Someone else I know flew in his wife’s parents for her birthday!
Time. Invest of yourself into others. We’re all busy. But maybe we’re so busy because we’re trying to do everything by ourselves and have no one to help us. Maybe if we all started leaning on each other and investing into each other we’d find things would go a little bit easier in our lives.
I’d like people to invest into me and my family a little bit more. I’d like to see my kids invest into others as they grow up. It brings out the richness of life.  Everyone wants to be loved – everyone has needs. What are you doing to help fill those needs in the lives of those around you?
~ God has been teaching Dionna how much He values her giving out of what He has given to her. She is the Editor/Founder of Emphasis On Moms –

Jesus Shows Kindness

Read John 4:1-26

In Jesus’ day there was a well-known fact Jews and Samaritans did not socialize together. Another part of that time and tradition was the fact
Jewish men did not openly speak to a woman in public. With those two things present, it would have been quite easy for Jesus to bypass Samaria on His journey.  No one would have thought twice about it.

But Jesus is different. John 4:4 says “But He needed to go through Samaria.” In going to Samaria,Jesus is showing the world there is no reason for the barrier between these two races.  He demonstrates kindness to the people of Samaria by purposely going there.

While He was there resting at the well, He strikes up a conversation with a woman.  Not just any woman but an outcast, despised, lonely, and sinful woman.  Jesus shows kindness to her and elevated her value in society, when He spoke to her.  He considered her important by virtue of spending time speaking to her when no one else would.

Jesus demonstrated that both Samaritans and women should not be treated as though they were some contagious disease, something to avoid or steer clear of, but as real people with real needs.

Are there people you are avoiding?  Show some kindness today.  Strike up a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the many ways you demonstrate kindness to us. Today Lord, we thank you for the example you have given us in the book of John.  Help us to see people as you do with real needs and feelings just like us.  Help us break down the barrier keeping us from connecting with them.  In your name we pray Amen.

©ThinkOnIt Bible Ministries Inc. Written by Elizabeth Marks.

Kindness Counts

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
Ephesians 4:32

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about kindness. It seems like there is not a lot of it out there in the world. Yesterday I was sitting at a red light and it changed and before I could even get started, the girl in the car behind me was honking at me and gesturing at me with her hands and really throwing a fit. I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done? I had not been daydreaming, I was paying attention, but obviously I was not moving fast enough for her and she was letting me know about it. I kept thinking how miserable she must be, to act like that.

I am trying to teach the boys to be kind, not only to each other, which is a real stretch at this point in their lives, but to others. Carson was telling me about a new boy in his class who started crying because he was shy. That was foreign to Carson, I don’t think he’s ever cried a day in his life at school, even when he was a baby in pre-school. He’s always loved being in school. But this little boy was new to the school, didn’t know anyone and was obviously feeling sad. I encouraged Carson to be kind to him, to be his friend.

Chase was telling me the other day about a little girl in his class who the other kids tease, because she is quite tall. I encouraged him to be kind to the girl, since he is a little on the small side, he understands that size isn’t important, it’s what’s inside that matters. He told me he likes it when she’s on his soccer team, because she can run fast!

Paul encourages us in Ephesians to be kind and compassionate to each other. In Galatians he tells us that kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit. The author of Proverbs tells us that a kindhearted woman (and I’m sure a man fits the description as well) gains respect. There are example after example of the kindness that Jesus showed to others, during his time on earth.

I know an act of kindness can make my day … let’s make someone’s day today!

Father, thank You for instilling this into my heart. It’s so easy to go along with the world. To be rude back to someone when they are rude to me. But Lord, I don’t want to be like the world. I want to be like You! Help me to be kind and compassionate, regardless of my own circumstances.

I love You Jesus!
In Your Name I pray,

God Bless You!


The Choices You Make Today …
Will Affect Your Tomorrow!