Are You Broken?

We all feel broken at one time or another. We don’t have to stay that way.

~ Dionna

God’s Healing Power

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and grow a luke-warm heart when it comes to our Christian faith.  That happened to me right after I became a new bride and God got my attention.
I had gone to the doctor for a routine checkup only to have them discover a lump in my right breast. I went home in tears that day because I was afraid. I was afraid for the next week until I had to return for an ultrasound to be done.  They told me at that time that I had a very small cyst filled with liquid. I was to lower my caffeine intake, take Vitamin E and get re-checked in a month.  At that point, they would discuss my options such as just keeping an eye on it, having a biopsy done or having the liquid drawn out which would ease my fears of it turning into cancer or something.
That was a lot to think about at the young age of 23.  I felt like I saw life in a whole new light and I wanted to embrace each moment as if it were my last because I didn’t know what was around the corner.
The day came when I was to go back to the doctor. My husband told me that morning before going off to work that he would be praying and to let him know how it went.
When the doctor re-checked me she delivered a blessing from God to my ears. One that I never even contemplated or expected.  She told me that my cyst had disappeared!  There was no trace of a lump anywhere.
I drove straight to my husband at work. I remember running from my truck straight into his arms crying, “It’s gone!”  And it wasn’t until that moment that my husband told me what his prayers in private had been.  He had been the only one who had prayed for my cyst to completely disappear.  He had had the faith in God’s power and healing that I had failed to trust in.
God DOES answer prayers. He was very real to my husband and I on that day.  And although other health issues have come and gone since that day, God reminded me that He is with me always. He walks with me constantly.
I try to remember when I am undergoing a major challenge, stumbling block, or health crisis in my life to turn to God FIRST instead of last.  For He is the one who is really in charge.

~ Dionna Sanchez

Letting Go of Bitterness

Ephesians 4:31

Get rid of all bitterness.

Bitterness is such a touchy subject. It’s not like you can feel free to point out to someone you love that they are showcasing a bitter heart. Because usually someone who has bitterness in their heart isn’t very open to hearing points of view that differ with theirs! It’s like they are caught in a web, yet content to stay there.

We’ve all dealt with bitterness in our hearts at one time or another. Some of us are blessed enough to have escaped the long-term effects a bitter heart can have on a person. Others aren’t so lucky. They still waddle in their hurt, pain, and in whatever they have lost. They may want to escape, but they don’t know how. It’s like in a strange way, the hurt has become a friend. At least it’s something they are familiar with! Breaking free from that – well, it can be uncomfortable!

I’ve had a bitter heart before. I may well tread near having one again – I hope not though. Do you know what I learned from having a bitter heart? Not much. I learned that it cost me, though. It cost me joy, time, and it cost me freedom. Freedom from what it was that made me bitter in the first place. The more you try to bury something that has hurt you so deeply, the deeper it entangles your heart. I learned that once you become bitter, it takes a long time – sometimes years to break free and heal from that. But healing is possible.

God commanded us to get rid of all bitterness. That’s a tough pill to swallow when your heart wants to hold on to it with every fiber of your being. Maybe you were really wronged. Maybe someone you loved was really wrong. You can’t go back – you can’t change what happened. Something or someone may be lost forever. It’s done. But all that bitterness will do is rob you and destroy you. It will rob those close to you as well because they will feel and sense the effects of your bitter heart. You can’t contain a bitter heart; it spills over into many areas of life.

I often think of the Amish. A few years ago some students were shot at an Amish school. Maybe you remember it? It was a horrible incident. But do you know what the Amish did? They forgave the gunman. And they did it fairly soon after the incident, if I remember correctly. I remember feeling astonished and amazed at the huge steps their hearts could take as they were burying their sweet sons and daughters. And I was humbled by it because I knew that they were demonstrating how God would want each of us to respond.

You see, ultimately, God is judge. It is up to Him to hold others accountable. It’s up to Him to punish, discipline, and forgive. So by us letting go of our bitterness, we are not necessarily saying that what someone did was okay, or even that they will get away with it. Because they will have to be accountable to God for what happened. And that should be good enough for us… that is if we truly trust God. Do you trust Him with your heart and your life?

No one ever said that letting go of bitterness would be easy. It’s not. It’s dang tough sometimes. All we want to do is hang onto it and what little pride we may feel that we have left. But we need to trust God; that He knows what He’s doing with our life. And we need to allow ourselves to break free from the deep wounds that life gives us. We may never forget – and that’s okay. What we go through in life is what makes us who we are. But we can embrace and hold close to our hearts what has happened to us without letting it destroy us. All bitterness ever does is destroy. It’s good to remember that before you find yourself in the throes of it. Be prepared to find the courage to let it go. Only then will your heart truly have the chance to heal and be free.

~ Dionna Sanchez