Sizing Up

A lot of times when a challenge or hurdle enters our life, we tend to feel defeated and weak. We look at the size of our challenge or obstacle and it can seem so huge and overwhelming because we tend to measure them up against our own strength, emotions, and willpower… instead of God’s.. We just need to apply some faith in Him and trust Him with an issue or hurdle that is very personal to us.

When we feel weak and defeated – our enemy (whether it’s a temptation, challenging or hurtful person, health hurdles, or anything else) is made to look bigger, and stronger. So we feel like we lose the battle before we even begin it.

God can help us overcome anything

Can you do it?

What have you got to lose? He’s waiting to show you what He’s really all about.

~ Dionna Sanchez

What Makes You – You

I was thinking this morning while getting ready for my day. (Yes, that happens.) I was thinking about the time it takes me to get ready. You see, I have very straight hair. But I like curly hair. So I spend the time each morning to curl my hair to my specifications with a curling iron. Some people laugh at me for the time it takes me to get ready. Some people have opened their eyes in shock and astonishment and then told me that they get ready in 30 minutes.  But I’ve decided that that’s okay. Because I get lots of compliments on my hair. Lots. And I love it. It’s “me.” 
I may have to fuss on my hair a little bit more but it’s unique and it sets me apart from others. It’s part of what defines my look. 
So, what makes you “you?”  I know a gal who always seems to wear western handkerchiefs around her hair. I know someone else who has her hair flipped up and sprayed “just so.”  I’ve seen women who always wear cowboy boots and jeans, some who only love big huge jewelry and bangles, while others never adorn an earring, bracelet, or necklace.
The world seems to tell us to conform – to fit in. Be like everyone else. But it’s the people who know their sense of style and comfort that truly stand out. They are the ones that have defined their sense of image and people admire them for it.
Think of these people for a minute:
Dolly Parton.
Tina Turner.
Princess Diana.
Reba McEntire.
Carrie Underwood.
Jennifer Aniston.
These women are all very distinct. Some because of their hair – some because of their style. But they stay true to what works on them and what makes them feel good.
We need to stop trying so hard to become like everybody else. It’s okay for others to inspire or motivate us, but we need to stay true to what we like. If you like hot pink nail polish – go for it! Wear it. It’s “you.”  If you like big western belts or always want to wear a headband – I say go for it keeping in mind your age and trying to stay appropriate within those parameters.   Just don’t let others make fun of you for liking something on yourself that is different from everyone else.  That’s part of what makes you – “you.” No one has the right to take that away.

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The Best

Wealth – beauty – power – fame…. those are all things valued in our society. They are so valued that people think they aren’t valuable if they are not beautiful, powerful, or successful. So we have a society of people who are living for themselves. I mean, you can’t be living for others if you are striving for success, beauty, wealth, and fame – right? It’s all about “you.” And it’s an empty life. Things, people, and circumstances will satisfy… temporarily. But they won’t last
I’ve learned that to really feel “great” – you have to have a life that is about others not as much as it is about yourself. And if I want to have children who grow up to feel valued and “great” – I need to teach them that the best image they can have – is one that is selfless not selfish. That is the greatest recognition you could get. It’s hard for all of us… but if they can be just as happy being on the team instead of only having to be the captain —- if they can feel satisfied finishing the race and not only content if they finish it first or second — then maybe they will also learn to help others along the way because they are less focused on themselves. Maybe they will develop compassion for that person who comes in last because they know how it feels.
 I want them to do their best not because they want to “be the best” but because I want them to be THEIR best.



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