Opening Act

I attended many rock and roll concerts in my earlier years. I saw Bobby Vinton, Tony Orlando, and Ray Stevens when they were young whipper-snappers. I enjoyed the harmony of The Four Seasons on a couple occasions and got more than I expected at concerts by the Beach Boys and Elvis. Concerts begin with an opening act; they warm up the crowd and create excitement and anticipation for the top billing. I remember the big names; I find it nearly impossible to recall the opening acts.

John the Baptist set the stage for Jesus; multitudes hustled to catch the opening act. “God sent his messenger, a man named John, who came to tell people about the light, so that all should hear the message and believe. He himself was not the light; he came to tell about the light. This was the real light – the light that comes into the world and shines on all mankind (John 1:6-9 TEV).” John the Baptist warmed up the crowd with fiery messages of repentance. He turned the spotlight on Jesus; Christ took center stage and his glory drew listeners to the kingdom of heaven.


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