Don’t Stop!

How long is your attention span? I learned as a childcare worker that very young children average one minute of concentration for every year of life. That explains why it is so difficult for them to sit still and quiet in worship service. It amazes us when we discover a child who breaks the mold. Thomas, a boy in my class could concentrate for long amounts of time, either by himself with an educational toy, or as a listener. He gave very close attention as I read an ABC’s book to him. Yes, Thomas demonstrated a superior attention span; he puts most adults to shame.

We can gauge our attention by our interest in the subject. Sports fans can spend hours at live events or watching television. They seem to be in a trance; yes, sports hold their attention. Avid readers and music lovers easily concentrate on a good book or sing along favorite. What about God’s word and prayer? I wish I could say we score as well there.

Our minds wander, and we think of all the other things that need our attention. Very often, we just get sleepy and give up; we need staying power. Others are depending on us to pray. “They said to Samuel, Don’t stop praying to the Lord our God for us. Ask the Lord to save us from the Philistines. Then Samuel took a baby lamb. He offered the lamb to the Lord as a whole bunt offering. He called to the Lord for Israel’s sake. And the Lord answered him (1 Samuel 7:8-9 NCV).” Please, don’t stop; the Lord will answer!


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  1. Anthea
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 05:49:34

    I often pay more attention to time wasters than I do to the Lord’s word. I know that God needs to take priority over all others and I’m getting better at putting that into practice.


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