Queen Anne’s Lace: A Love Story {of Sorts}

  These plants bloom across the countryside in mid-summer, then fade away without much fanfare.

We see them all the time.

Just Queen Anne’s Lace.

Or better yet…”wild carrot”.

They’re nothing fancy or exotic, really.

After all, the US Department of Agriculture has listed it as a noxious weed.  Isn’t’ that nice?

But one caught my eye this evening as I pushed my stroller-bound kids down our country road.

Blog 041

I stopped.  And looked.

It’s as though it begged me to get down, get closer, and examine it.

God does that to me sometimes.

He whispers…

Catching my attention, He woos me in to get a closer look and then rocks my world with the mundane.

{And I love it!}

I stared.

I picked.

 Blog 016

And there it was.

Plain as day.

A single, small, red floret right in the center.

Blog 036

How very odd.

Was this one rare?  Deformed, maybe?

Or had I simply not taken the time to notice that they were they all like this?

I walked further and examined a few more.

Sure enough…there it was.  They were “normal”.

In the midst of this showy, snowy lattice of white was an unsightly, red…“thing”.

What was God thinking ruining a perfectly good flower with that?

I was tempted to pluck it off before I snapped a photo of it’s glorious detail.

But something inside me knew there was a story behind it’s unusual existence in the center of this flower.

I had to know.

{So my type-A, recovering-perfectionist self let the little bugger be}

Blog 036

This is what I found out:

Named after either Queen Anne of England {1665-1714} or Queen Anne of Denmark {1574-1619} – both avid lace makers – the red {or purple} blossom is said to be a drop of Queen Anne’s blood on the lace, as a result of a needle prick.

The real function of the little red flower…?

Why, to attract insects, of course.


Mesmerized by this delightful weed, clicking away at it from behind my camera, the message started to penetrate.

Blog 045

You see, that inconspicuous little floret – the one that I’ve missed every time I’ve ever looked at Queen Anne’s Lace – is the heartbeat of that plant.

And you know…

I’m just like this showy little weed.

We all are.

We’re pretty common, really, amidst the countryside cluster of foliage.

But get this.

What sets us apart, what makes us attractive to the life buzzing around us, and the only thing that actually enables us to have an everlasting impact on the lives surrounding us…is what lies at the center of our being.

It’s that tiny little red – “blood drop” – of a blossom.

Without it we’re completely and utterly pointless.

Life stops there.

It’s true.

Without the shed blood, we’re nothing.

We cease to have influence.

We cease to have purpose.

We just cease.

But with it,

with Him,

we have everything

we will







Look for it. 

It’s right there.

It’s because of that seemingly insignificant little ‘thing’ that we’re able to bloom exactly where we’re planted, despite our “noxious weed” days, and soak up the son.

And be



Blog 042


By Joy McMillan, Simply Bloom


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. connie
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 13:38:02

    Love your description of Queen Anne’s Lace! I stumbled upon it looking for history of the weed to include in my introductory notebook for our guest suites. Would you give me permission to use it in the notebook? If so, how would you like me to give you credit?


  2. Beverly
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 20:41:10

    I found your blog when searching for Queen Anne’s Lace. I enjoyed your post very much and sent it to a friend.


  3. ifcelestejournaled
    Aug 02, 2014 @ 21:11:48

    Your writing makes me feel like I know you. I love, LOVE this blog! Thank you! I have now fallen in love with Queen Anne’s Lace. We were at VBS and a friend introduced me to this plant, pointing out the blooming beauty that bordered our church property. Then she sent me your blog. The next day I passed on your words to my friends, because I had become so excited. One beautiful gal who is gifted in photography took pictures and posted several on FB, calling them “Summer Snow”. The gift goes on… By the way, I wrote a blog on “Hearts Hear Whispers”. Your writing is right on target, touching my heart and soul. Thanks. God Bless!


  4. simplybloomblog
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 16:18:24

    Thank you so much, Celeste! I love that…’summer snow’. The original post in on my blog, http://www.simplybloomblog.com/2010/07/queen-annes-lace-love-story-of-sorts.html, if you’d like to read more. Blessings to you!!


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