Do We Get It?

Do we get it? Do we get the fact that God truly cares about us? Or do we relegate Him to this entity that is up there pointing a finger down on earth simply granting or denying requests? Yes to her – no to him, etc.

God showed me this morning and reminded me in a way that only He can do – that He loves me. He cares for me and my feelings. And I was overwhelmed at the way in which He did it.

Sometimes I think we forget who God really is. He is a Father. A father who hurts with His children. A father who rejoices when we rejoice. A Father who feels taken for granted of and under appreciated at times. He is a King. A King who makes the tough choices for our lives when we can’t bring ourselves to make them. A King who at times, has to forego a battle in order to allow His people to win the war. He was a man. So He understands the pain of a mother, the fear of a child, and the love of a man and wife. He knows what it feels like to be betrayed, to be confused, and to feel overwhelmed. That is my God. And how often I forget that He “gets it.” He gets me.

This morning I was burdened in my heart over something. I’m not going to mention what that was for it is between me and God. But I was struggling with it. Struggling with my own pride and desires – my wants and wishes – and trying to reconcile them with what I knew God would want and expect out of me. I was trying very hard to lay down my heart.

God – in a way that only He could – overwhelmed me unexpectedly with the answer to a request that my heart dared not ask out loud. And I felt like the man in “Facing the Giants” who got on his knees and said “God, I’m overwhelmed!” It wasn’t anything big like winning a football championship or getting pregnant when you think you’re infertile – but it was still big to my heart.

God showed me that sometimes He might just be waiting on us. He might want to reward us for waiting patiently or being willing to say “no” to what we want for what He wants. He just wants to see where our loyalties lie.

And I AM overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed to have a Heavenly Father who loves me despite my human inadequacies and flaws. A God who believes in who I can be and knows me so intricately. God has faith in ME! He sees who I can be and He gets me more than I get myself. Oh what a love.

I am overwhelmed. Are you?
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  1. Elizabeth
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 13:42:52

    Excellent post! Thanks for reminding us to remember who God is!


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