I Went With the Majority

I’m a big Survivor fan. I think I like the show so much because it’s about people and how they interact with one another and make choices. I’ve always enjoyed watching people and so this show fascinates me as I observe people making the same mistakes time and time again. It says a lot about human behavior.

I have noticed that when it’s time for the Survivor players to vote someone off, a lot of them write a name down and then make the comment that “I went with the majority” followed by, “I’m really sorry I had to vote you off.” To me, that is not a good excuse for writing someone’s name down or betraying someone. Have we no better mind of our own than to simply follow the majority?

Someone once made the comment that whether in the game of Survivor or in the real world her word was all she had and she was going to stand by it. She immediately became my favorite in that game because that is my theory in life as well. My word is all I have left sometimes and it means a lot to me. It says a lot about me.

I don’t ever want to simply become like a sheep following the pack without using the brain in my own head to decide if something is really what I want to do or not. I want to have integrity in all I do – whether it’s a game or not. Some people say that you can separate the two; I disagree. For you can never separate what is inside of someone. It will come out sooner or later.

We are what we are. Who I am means everything to me. I may not play this game of life perfectly. I will make mistakes, I will let people down at times, and I won’t be everyone’s favorite person. But I do plan on being true to myself and true to the One who made me. For me, that means living as honestly as I can, with as much integrity, compassion, and character as I can.

Whatever mistakes or mess-ups I make in my life – at least I will own them. They will be completely mine. And I will know that I didn’t make them because I simply went with the majority.

~ Dionna Sanchez


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