is it MINE?

i watched beware of christians last night. amazing.

i was challenged to think about my faith. i’ve been raised in a Christian home with Christians surrounding me, especially at church. when i moved to MO i got a little taste of a more secular environment at public school, but i still have my fam and church family.

if i hadn’t been raised in a Christian home would i have the faith that i do? tough question, huh. i got to thinking about this after i finished watching the movie this morning (aka afternoon, woke up at 11 30…HA) and i realized that i need to strive to make my faith COMPLETELY my own. if i had grown up in switzerland (one place the guys went) would i seriously be as “hardcore” about my faith? honestly, i really don’t know if i would be. i know that God placed me where i am and with the family i’m with, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in being a Christian because of what people tell me.

i think it was last year that i started thinking about this whole thing. have i seriously read in the bible the story of creation? Jesus’s birth? death? resurrection? at that time, no i hadn’t. how SICK is that!!!?? i’ve been a christian since i was about 7 and i had just grown up listening to what everyone told me. how WRONG of me!! it makes me sick to think about the time that i’ve wasted up to this point. why am i following Jesus? because my parents do? because it’s all around me, in the lifestyle i’m living? i’m going to be honest and not answer that question right now. i really need to step away and truly analyze why i have a relationship with Jesus. i’m going to find ways to challenge myself, and i would love it if you joined with me.


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  1. dionna
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 20:10:25

    Is this a movie? I hadn’t heard of it…


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