Addressing the Lord in Prayer

I have been doing a new study on prayer recently. It has brought some things to my attention that I have been contemplating and pondering. One of those things is how we address the Lord in prayer – and why. I’d never really thought about this before. When I go to God in prayer, I usually start with, “Dear Heavenly Father.” But I’ve been thinking about that recently and wondering why I start my prayers that way. I think it’s more because that’s the way I was taught. I picked that phrase up somewhere along the way. It’s not really because it’s personally meaningful for me to address my Lord in that manner. So, is that truly how I want to address Him?

Think about our children. Most children pray to God with a, “Dear Jesus.” Why? Because normally, that’s how they are taught in church or Sunday School. And it’s okay. But somewhere along the way as we mature and grow up in our faith, we need to deepen our prayer life with God. We need to learn how to make our prayers personal. After all, prayer shouldn’t be made up of meaningless words but words from our heart, right? Why should the way we address our Lord be any different?

When I was in Belgium a few years ago, I visited a church there. A gentlemen stood up to pray and he addressed God. He said, “Blessed Senor….” I was so touched. I’m not sure why, maybe it was because I’d never heard God addressed in that way before or because I realized that people all over the globe were addressing God in different ways and manners but He was and IS still our ONE God.

It doesn’t matter how we address Jesus in prayer as long as it is with honor and respect. I do think, however, that if we make it more personal, more “us” it will deepen our prayer life and our relationship with God.

Think about it and ask God to show you how to make your prayers a tender and meaningful bond just between the two of you. I plan to.

Dionna Sanchez
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