Making Decisions Under Stress

Women are emotional by nature. That’s not a bad thing. God created us that way. Our emotions come from the passions we feel so strongly about. It’s kind of like a well that is so full of water that it can’t help but spill out. That’s us.

Normally, I’d be a staunch supporter of encouraging women to not be ashamed of their emotions. We need to feel comfortable in crying when we feel like crying and giggling when we feel full of joy. But there is one area in life that we need to be careful of in letting our emotions pour out and over – and that is the area of making a decision.

Decisions are things that take a lot of thought, research, prayer, and advice at times. They need to be weighed in the proper lighting with perspective and discernment so that we can feel peace about the choice we make regarding that certain issue, circumstance, or challenge facing us. We need to be so careful when we are feeling our emotions full throttle. Making a decision when we are emotional can be damaging not just to ourselves but also to others for oftentimes we can react rather than responding in a thought-out, methodical manner.

We’ve all seen it (or even done it). We see that mom who storms in somewhere on behalf of her child and yells at the teacher or person in charge when she could have let the matter settle in her heart for awhile instead of reacting in the heat of her emotion. How about buying something when we are upset and later regretting that purchase? Yes, we can make rash decisions when we are emotional.

Stress does a lot of things to people. It makes them panic, angry, and it can make you feel like you need to take action immediately. But sometimes it takes getting away from a situation temporarily, or letting the dust settle a little to be able to objectively look at something enough to handle it in a mature and wise manner.

I think we will find that if we make decisions under stressful circumstances that it is much harder to feel confident about the choice we make. And I realize that it’s not always possible to think about something for a long period of time before a decision is required. I’ve found that in these situations, it’s often good to take a brief “getaway” if for nothing than my mental state. Go to a movie for 2 hours, play a game with your kids, bake some cookies – anything to calm your heart and mind and allow some clear thinking to invade those high-strung stressful emotions. And of course, always, always pray and ask God for His help and guidance.

Women’s emotions can be a beautiful thing. They showcase a tender, passionate heart for those she loves. We just need a little reminder to tame those emotions once in awhile. Believe me, when all is said and done, you will be so glad you did.

~ Dionna Sanchez is a freelance writer and Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry.
You may email her at


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