Embracing Our Weaknesses

I am not a very good decorator. I usually find great ideas by seeing what someone else has done. But if left to my own devices, sometimes I can flounder. I know women who just have a knack for putting together a room. They know how to make a room flourish with the right paint color and some key focal items. They somehow are able to keep things dusted, vacuumed and put together despite the pressures of a family.

I know some women who are excellent cooks. Still others have a talent in the area of crafts or attracting friendships. As I look at what other women are good at, it can tend to make me feel “less than.” I think that is because I take my eyes off of the road that God has me on, and I put them on someone else’s road.

I’m just wondering why it is that we as women struggle with the fact that we have weaknesses? Why do we feel that we must be good at it all? When did we come to the understanding that a weakness must be hidden, or improved until it is no longer a weakness?

As I was thinking these thoughts, it occurred to me that I need to learn how to embrace my weaknesses. I don’t want to simply get lazy or self-indulgent, but I can certainly learn (in a healthy way) what my boundaries as an individual are. I can learn and know what I am and am not capable of. I can learn to not feel ashamed when I am not good at something.

I only battle against myself and my innate nature when I struggle to become something that God never intended for me to be. I need to learn to let certain standards and expectations of myself go – if only to feel free in being “me.”

God tells me that in my “weaknesses, He is strong.” So, if I flip that saying around and I try to be good and strong in everything then He must not be very strong in my life. If I’m good at everything and have no weaknesses (or pretend that I don’t), then I don’t need Him very much in my life. How shallow of me to presume that I should and could be good and wonderful at everything in my life! How prideful!

It is okay to have weaknesses. Whether it’s being afraid to be home alone, afraid to speak your thoughts among a group of women, or simply cooking a dish for a large group of people – it’s okay to have vulnerable areas in your life. For it is in those times and moments that God can show Himself great on our behalf. It is those times where we truly give Him a chance to show off for us! And without our weaknesses, we simply would not need much of His strength in our lives and it would only become “all about us.”

I want to embrace a new mindset in my life. I want to be able to admit where I fall short and let God fill in the gaps – instead of trying to fill them in myself all of the time. Only then, will I learn how to be authentic in my own skin and free to simply be the person He created me to be – flaws, weaknesses, shortcomings, and all.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of EmphasisOnMoms.com and blogs for women at http://beautyinthestorm.blogspot.com


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