Words of Wisdom

How much influence do you have on following generations? We know the children and youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Will they benefit from our encouragement, advice and example, or are we leading them astray?

We hope our lives make a positive difference in those we touch. God, in His grace, can remove our blunders. Those of us in the golden years’ category look back to the influence of role models who spoke into our lives. Their contributions helped to shape us into the people we are today.         

The Bible describes King Solomon as a man of great wisdom and understanding. He received those spiritual gifts as answers to prayer. (2 Chronicles 1:7-12) God blessed him with much more, because his request for wisdom showed a loving heart; he desired to lead others fairly. Solomon could not boast of his high IQ as his source of discernment; God is the giver of all good gifts. (James 1:17)

Solomon did not reign with arrogance or pride; he looked back over his shoulder. “Listen to your father who begot you, and do not despise your mother when she is old (Proverbs 23:22 NAS).” Yes, King David and Bathsheba left their loving marks on their son, Solomon.

“Let your father and your mother be glad, and let her rejoice who gave birth to you (Proverbs 23:25 NAS).” King Solomon honored his parents and instructed us to heed his words. He urged us to listen to our fathers. He listened to his father, King David.

 “As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind; for the Lord searches all hearts, and understands every intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, he will reject you forever (1Chronicles 28:9 NAS).”  

I believe David imbedded words of wisdom into the mind of his son, Solomon. When God asked him what He should give, the obvious choice of wisdom outweighed selfish desires. Are we that quick to choose God’s best gifts, or do we waste time with penny candy?


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