Shifting Our Focus

It was a tough morning. Not a great start to a new week. Darn.

Both of my girls have sore throats. It’s frustrating that not only do both of them not feel great – but my oldest daughter just finished her meds for strep throat a few days ago. I’m not sure if the medicine wasn’t strong enough or if she is just having bad luck.
It has been one of those morning that for whatever reasons, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. And I really have so much to be thankful for. So much to feel joy for. Not sure why Satan is attacking me on this particular morning – have you ever felt that way? That for no known reason we are being picked on?
I know that my life is just one tiny little bit of the world. Their are lives functioning and going on all around me. Lives with huge problems, lives with no hope, lives with lots of things going on. And yet all I know on this morning is what is going on with me – in my head – with my life.
It occurs to me that that is how Satan wants it. For if I can get all focused on myself then I won’t be any good to anyone else. I won’t have the desire to help others, or put myself out there to make an impact on behalf of the Lord.

Well, I think I’m blessed that God gave me a fiesty spirit. One that doesn’t lay low easily. I’m determined to fight off this “cloud” that for whatever reason is hanging over my morning. I’m determined to be proactive in changing my attitude and claiming all that God has said He wants for me.
If you’re having a bad morning – maybe you too – can change the course of your day and week. Don’t let Satan be victorious in whatever circumstances you’re going through right now. Decide that you are worth fighting for. I know that’s how God feels about you! So show Him you’re worth the investment…because you truly are.
Together, maybe we can shake things up.

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