Passing Down the Torch

How many of us invest our lives into women younger than ourselves?  Whether it’s the young friends of our daughters, a new mom, a daughter in law, or simply someone younger in the faith than us in our community or church?
It is vitally important and imperative that we pass on our faith, morals, values, and wisdom to younger women. It is a missing link in the world today that is showing up in so many lives. Women are growing up feeling lost, alone, and depressed. With no one in their own families to help them, they often struggle to find themselves in a world that is busy, stressed out, and quite honestly – into themselves.

We need to change that. We need to change it today and now. We need to start realizing that we have valuable insight into life that God has given us along the way. Even if we feel we don’t know a heck of a whole lot, I bet we have learned more on this journey of life than we could possibly imagine. And there are young girls and women out there who desperately need us. They need us to love them, encourage them, and support them. They need someone to show they care and that they are worth the investment of a little time into their lives.
Yes, we are all busy. We all have things on our calendar. But how much time does it take to talk to your daughter’s friend for a few minutes every time she comes over to your house? How long does it take to drop a note in the mail or stop for a few minutes after church to speak to that new young mom?  And if you are experiencing the “empty nest” – it is even more critical that you invest back into the lives of younger women at this stage in your life because they need wiser women of the faith to lean on and learn from. Without you, the next generation will simply be a lost mess.

Think about how you invest of yourself into other women around you. Think about what ways you can give back. I bet there is a hole or an avenue somewhere that God can use you to strengthen the life of someone else younger than yourself.
It’s up to us to pass down the torch of faith. If we don’t do it – who will? The answer – no one. And then where will we be. Not a good place at all.
~ Dionna Sanchez feels strongly about leaving a legacy and heritage to those who come behind her. You can view more ideas for traditions and legacies at


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