A Piece of Me

I have a cupboard full of old Bible Study workbooks, conference notes, etc. I keep these not because I think I will use them again or go back and reread my notes (although I might).  No, I keep them because each one of those workbooks has become a part of me in some way. I learned something through each study. I gained ground. I grew in my faith, in my walk with the Lord, and I grew internally as a person.
Today, when I opened up that cupboard to put something away, I saw my small stack and I smiled. To some people those workbooks might be taking up valuable storage space. But to me, they are a piece of who I have become. They represent who God is molding me into and they hold many special memories. I shed tears over valuable lessons that God taught me, I stretched my mind to let God open it up to deeper things He wanted to show me, and I prayed over many, many things that I held closely to my heart.  Those workbooks are a piece of me. They are a piece of who I have become.
Each time I start a new Bible study or go to a new conference – I don’t sit there and think about how I will be changed. I just know that in some way (small or great) that I will be. And it excites me. Because I’m always up for bettering myself. I love diminishing the effect that the flaws and weaknesses in my life have on me. I love growing new strengths and feeling God’s strength flourish inside of me.  And for whatever it’s worth, I will hold on to those moments so that I don’t forget that HE doesn’t forget. He doesn’t forget me. He talks to me in a personal way each time I reach out to communicate and grow in Him.
So I will hold onto those Bible study books. No matter how worn, how sloppy my writing, or how much space they take up. They have made me who I am and for that I will be eternally grateful.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry. Visit the website at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com or email her at madetomom@yahoo.com


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