Disappointment or Divine Appointment?

Do you have trouble understanding disappointments?  Is life unfair?  As a child of God, do you at times feel like He has let you down?  Things just are not turning out the way you planned. Your dreams are shattered. The Bible has many life examples, revealing real people, with hopes, dreams, and discouragement.

 God promised to be bless Abraham, and to bring blessings through a son of promise to form great nation through future descendants. (Genesis 12:1-4) God took longer than expected to keep His end of the bargain. Abram and his wife Sarai decided God must need their help.  She conceived a plan of using her maid as a way to bear a child; and Abram went along with her suggestion. (Genesis 16:2)  He had a son, Ishmael, not the son God faithfully promised… God did not forget the couple, or His promise.  He gave new names and a new direction to them; Abraham and Sarah became parents to Isaac.  At 100 years of age, Abraham cradled the long awaited son and heir in his arms. (Genesis 21:1-7)

 Joseph, with his coat of many colors took pride in knowing he had a bright future. God revealed to him, though still a young man, that he would be a great leader, with even his family in submission to him.  His bubble burst when his brothers captured him, threw him in a pit and then sold him as a common slave. Owners led him to Egypt, bought and paid for like a piece of property.  In the home of his master, he received trust and confidence. His great character and wisdom made him an asset. 

False accusations of the master’s wife that he seduced her assaulted his character. Innocent, he found a prison sentence his reward for faithfulness to his master, and his God.  The Lord’s hand of grace still rested upon him.  Freed from prison he became second in authority under the Pharaoh, with leadership to rescue the nation, in time of a great drought and famine.  

His brothers came seeking food, fell down at his feet, not recognizing him as the brother they abused and sold into slavery. Later he forgave them; leading to a great restoration in their relationships. (Genesis 50:18-21)

Jesus’ disciples encountered disappointments. They expected Him to be the conquering Messiah, to free their nation from Roman rule. They were blind to the role of Jesus as the suffering Messiah, who would die to free them from bondage to sins.  When officials arrested and crucified Jesus all their hopes and dreams died with Him.  They scattered and went to their homes to lick their wounds.

Disappointments vanished in victory over death. He arose! (Matthew 28: 5-6) One day He will return as the conquering Messiah! Personally, God gave me a desire to become a writer over thirty years ago, with little confidence I did not pursue it.  Today a writer’s ministry is opening before me. If the dream, a vision placed in your heart is from God, He will bring it to fulfillment. Trust Him; He may need to prepare you first!


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