Is Your Child Missing Out?

I came to the conclusion recently that I didn’t have to rely on my children’s school to teach them everything.
Of course I would like their school to stretch them and work with their strengths while helping them strengthen their weaknesses. But I’ve found that the classroom doesn’t seem to touch on everything that I want touched on.  Even if I discuss something with a teacher at parent-teacher conferences, not all teachers have the time or are equipped to focus on certain areas; no matter how greatly I want it.

I am my child’s advocate. The first thing I think I need to do IS to go to the school. But I don’t have to stop there.
I found out recently that my oldest daughter was no longer getting spelling tests in 6th grade. In 6th grade!! I was astonished. I had noticed some spelling errors on some of her papers and thought to myself how much this is still needed in her classroom. But instead of getting discouraged, today, I whipped out the dictionary and gave her my own spelling test. I had her write the words she missed 5 times. I plan to do this every so often. Just because the school no longer focuses on her spelling doesn’t mean I don’t have to!
You can do this with any subject. My youngest has been whining that they never do art anymore. So I’m thinking I should come up with an art project for her in the near future. It’s something she loves and something I want to encourage her in.  Last year she was bored in math because her level exceeded that of where her class was. It had been talked about, that she could go in an extra math learning program but that never happened. Looking back, we could have done extra math with her at home to help her continue her learning.
As a Christian parent with my children in a public school – I can also teach them Bible lessons at home. Just because they don’t have a “set” Bible class doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate one!
We are our children’s advocates. We are here to speak up for them, to motivate them, and to help them flourish. Part of that is their learning.  It doesn’t have to be a grueling system. You don’t have to make your child do 3 more hours of science or history every night in addition to their school experience. But you CAN embellish what they are getting at school by incorporating a little extra learning at home. You CAN stand up and say, “My child WILL learn this subject even if their school doesn’t think it’s important enough to spend more time on it!” Or, if your child struggles in a subject, spend a little extra time on it with them at home.
You can make learning fun. There are so many sites on the Internet where children can learn keyboarding, do math games, etc. And you can take them to places in your community or family vacations to places like Mt. Rushmore to teach them about history.
Don’t rely on the “system” to do all that it should for your child. Hopefully it will – but if it doesn’t – stand in the gap and do it yourself. It’s in your child’s best interest.
~ Dionna Sanchez parents her children from her home in Idaho. She is the Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry and maintains a blog for women at


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