Glimpse of Glory

God is a lavish creator. He is no penny pincher or tight-wad. In creating His world He never cut corners or compromised His goals to balance books. The human body is His most amazing example of detailed craftsmanship. He constructed man using precisely the right form and substance for functional use. He also threw in a touch of color and style to make us attractive and interesting. He saved a sampling of His creation of light to add sparkle to our eyes. He drew some of the sound of His raging waters and gentle breezes to give us the ability of speech and song. Yes, He gave us much more than we needed to exist. He wanted us to flourish, to experience abundant life.

I am so grateful for His gifts of the senses. As a mother and grandmother I wanted to get every possible insight and appreciation for the babies I cradled in my arms. Not only did these senses bring instantaneous pleasure, but the memories bring them back to be savored time after time. Have patience with me as I open my baby books…

Our first glimpse of glory must be captured in the sight of a baby for the first time! The sizes of mine ranged from tiny and delicate to big and chunky. Children and grandbabies all were crowned with hair in varied hues. I am quick to admit bald is beautiful, too.  Their alert eyes, button noses, rosebud lips, and gently formed ears made the pictures perfect.

I remember the delight the first time I felt the soft baby skin of my daughter, son, and grandsons. Their skin felt almost unreal, smooth in texture, and warm to the touch. Each fold in their arms and legs waited to be explored, touched and caressed. I used my sense of touch to accurately determine a 103* temperature reading even before tested by a doctor. Creams, soaps, oils and powders were liberally applied, to capture that newborn baby aroma and fragrance. I disliked some baby byproducts found in diapers and on spit up rags; but those smells alerted me that I needed to care for them.

The sound of my children’s and grandchildren’s coo’s and cry’s were each unique and special. I quickly learned they could only communicate their needs through their crying. It served as an alarm system; and I depended on acute hearing to learn of those needs. Can words express the first time we hear laughter or the words I love you? There were sounds of trouble as well, with croupy coughs, labored breathing, and wheezing. I have compassion for those who are deaf and miss the matchless joy of hearing their children. I believe God gives more grace to those who are denied the gifts of individual senses.

How could the gift of taste be a benefit to a mother or grandmother? How many times are baby foods tasted before given to the children? We quickly learn why they make ugly faces! We must admit we sometimes wanted to eat the fruits and deserts ourselves. They are very good, but they do not come close to the taste of a baby kiss planted straight on our lips!

Another sense we must not neglect to mention is God’s special gift to the weaker sex, our intuition or gut feeling that something might be wrong. Our manufacturer knew how often we would depend on extra sensitivity to His still small voice.

Lullabies, baths in the kitchen sink, and rocking my babies are all bits and pieces of my memory. Daily routines can be stressful for parents and grandparents, but God’s lavish love uses them to shape the lives of His newest creations.


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  1. Sean Malone
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 07:19:49

    Well I really enjoyed reading it. This article procured by you is very constructive for correct planning.


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