Are you too busy?

For God that is.  I was reading a devotion quite some time ago in my perpetual calendar which related to Numbers 1:1 where God came to speak to Moses and issue instructions.

The calendar writer suggested that if we’re too busy to do the things we know that God wants us to do then we are busier than He intended for us to be.  We need to consider what should we be doing in order to honour God with our use of time.

I haven’t written here for awhile and you may, or may not, be aware that’s because my husband and I lost a daughter well over a year ago.  I’ve slowly been picking up the regular activities in my life again but it hasn’t always been easy and I often find myself wasting time doing nothing.  This isn’t normal for me – I’m one who always likes to keep busy.  And I often find myself feeling guilty for not being as busy as I used to be or as busy as I think I should be.

Conversations with two of the Pastors from my church during my time of grieving have indicated that I should be taking time out for myself and that I shouldn’t be pushing too hard. That I’m allowed this time of reflection, sorrow, thinking, staring into space and not being as productive as ‘normal’.

I considered that perhaps I needed to establish a new ‘normal’.  Not long before we lost our daughter I had determined to spend more time with all of our daughters, whenever their time permitted. Since her death I’ve also been spending more time out in the open instead of my office, using a new digital SLR camera my husband gave me for Christmas only weeks after we lost our daughter.  I have begun to appreciate (all over again) the beauty of the nature of God outside and capturing that in photo images.  And part of that time has included having this daughter or that daughter come along with me on my photo shoots in the parks and wildlife areas, some of which have were later touched by the awful bushfires we’d been having in Victoria, Australia.  Those areas are now recovering and going through their second winter.  And all the while this beauty is reigning around us waiting for my camera to capture it.

Graham and I have now shifted out into the country on a 2 acre property.  I used to hate going out for walks and wanted to be inside always but life has changed dramatically for us in the past 18 months.  With camera always in hand, I venture out as often as I can, several times a week for walks along the country roads or even on my own property enjoying the scenery, birdlife and wildlife I see around me.

I’m finding more time on my hands now and although I still run a business and work it seems that I take more time to enjoy the beauty that God has placed around us and I actually do take time to smell the roses, and the carnations and the jonquils and…

One of the roads near my home

To see more of my images click here.


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