Where Is The Sting?

Where is our morality?

We cannot stand up and say that homosexuality is wrong lest we be deemed “judgmental.”

We don’t flinch when we watch television shows with chronic infidelity. It’s the “norm.”

Our children wear clothing that show their rear-ends when they bend over, or declare statements that say things such as “It’s all about me.”

We allow computer and Nintendo games in our homes that depict shooting other people and killing them.

We watch movies that have scenes of women showing their breasts (or most of them) – and we wonder why our husbands have a hard time remaining faithful to us!

These are just a few examples of the road our society has gone down. And it’s not “them” that I speak of – it’s “us.” We allow it and we partake of it. We aren’t critical of what we watch or listen to. It doesn’t sting our hearts the way it should because we have grown cold.

What happens when our hearts grow cold? What happens when people don’t stand up in justified anger over sin? Can God work? Is there any hope? Have we given up? If we’ve given up then things will only get worse and we will get more corrupted just as much as the rest of the world.

I, personally, want God with me and for me. I want to call on Him and know He will come to me. But I have to keep my heart soft. I have to be wise and discerning about what I allow into my home, my life, and my heart. I have to be willing to correct areas in my life where I’ve grown cold or immune to God’s Word pricking my heart. I can’t “pretend” to be upset over something and then go and be a part of it. I can’t stand by and let myself succumb to peer pressure or thoughts and images that others say are socially correct. For only God’s Word is correct and He is my ultimate judge.

Let us fall on our knees and ask God to have mercy on us. Let us call out to Him and ask Him to permeate our hearts and lives and move us to action on behalf of our love for Him, our families, and this life that He has given us. Let’s not sit idly by and let others believe the “lie” that all these temporary thoughts and ideals will bring long-lasting happiness – for they will only cause misery.

We need to put ourselves in a position where we are stung by what is happening around us. It needs to hurt us – what we see – what we hear. It needs to move us to stand up for what is right, to pray, and to speak out.

We need to be either hot or cold. We need to decide which side of the fence we are on. Are we on fire for the Lord? He said He would spit those who are lukewarm out of his mouth. I don’t want that to be me. Nor do I want to grow cold and be immune to the hurting, the weak, or the lost. I want my heart to sting. I want it to sting for what is lost and what needs to be right.

Do you?

Dionna Sanchez is a freelance writer and blogs at http://beautyinthestorm.blogspot.com


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