Doing the Right Thing

I went shopping with my girls. We each picked up a new shirt; I got some under things and a couple of décor items for my house. 
When I reached my car, I went over the receipt because I had used my debit card and I wanted to record the amount that went out of my checking account.  I noticed on the receipt that they did not charge me for the two-décor items that I had gotten. I had thought the amount was a little under what I had estimated in my head, but did not know their mistake until I was already out of the store and in my vehicle.
What to do?
My heart sunk a little because I was immediately prompted by God to go back into the store. I knew what I had to do. I explained to my girls that they did not charge me for the décor items and that we would need to go back into the store. I told them that since I had discovered the mistake, if I drove away with the items in my car it would be the same thing as stealing. I would be willingly leaving the area knowing that I did not pay for something. And that was wrong.  I wish I could have left with the original amount charged to my receipt; I was already a little tight that payday. But I was more concerned about being right with God and being an example to my girls.

So, we tromped back into the store where I showed a clerk the receipt and my items, telling her that I was not charged for them. She thanked me for coming back in and rang up my merchandise. Then, I left.
Such a simple action and yet it took willingness on my part to go through with it. It took me being willing to make the right choice and decision when I knew it would cost me more. It took a willful choice and decision in my heart to get my feet to move back into that store.
It is so easy to let things like that go. “No one will know,” we think. “It was their mistake, after all!” But God sees. And someday we will have to account to Him for our honesty. I’d rather be able to stand before Him and know I did the right thing than have to explain why I didn’t do something that was so simple.
I am proud of myself for being a good example to my daughters’. I hope that they will have the courage to do the right thing as they grow up – despite what they might possibly get away with if they don’t. I hope that they will grow a heart that is pricked and prodded by God to be honorable people.
I have a new saying that I’ve been telling them. It is “Do something good – just because you can.”  Oh, how life would be different if everyone felt this way.
~ Dionna Sanchez works hard to be a good example to her children. She tries to be authentic both in her home and to other women. You can always keep up with her at her blog –


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  1. Dionna
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 21:33:57

    I wish I always did the right thing. This article and moment is a good reminder to me of how good it feels to just do the right thing so there will be no regrets. I aspire to do that more often – oh how I wish I was perfect and always made the right choice!


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