The Way to a Full Heart

Anytime you go to a church retreat, camp, conference, mission trip, etc – you tend to go looking for something. You seek to get filled and most of the time, you do. There is a spirit that permeates a place where people are praying, praising God through song, hugging one another, laying down burdens and hurts, and getting inspired to grow in God’s Word.

I have been “filled” during times such as these and have come to the conclusion that nothing else in life satisfies except for the feeling of being full of the Lord. Nothing compares or even comes close to letting God “fill” us up with His love, His spirit, and His truth.  So why do we so often settle for mediocrity? Why do we settle for monotony? Why do we settle for less?  I think it’s because we lose that feeling and as we go about our daily lives, we forget what it is that truly satisfies or quenches our soul.

I have gone from having a spiritual “high” to a low point and then to just flatlining it through life before. I don’t want to be there again. I want to hold on to the “high” that God has shown me for as long as I possibly can. I figure that it’s up to me to “show up” to meet Him each day. It’s up to me to show Him that He is my priority. I think that’s why we get so “amped” at retreats, camps, and conferences.  Because we tune out everything else in life and the world to solely focus on the Lord. And He shows up. He shows up because He’s always been there and maybe He was just waiting for us to open the door!

I know that my heart longs for God. I crave Him. It’s Him that I have sought out all my life. When something feels empty inside and nothing satisfies – it’s the Lord’s spirit and presence that I am craving.  When I feel like “good” isn’t enough for me and I need to do something greater – BE greater – it’s really God’s greatness in me that I am desiring. It’s innate. I was created for God’s pleasure, it’s only natural that everything in my being would look to Him to fulfill my heart, my soul, my life.

Once you have felt God truly take over and completely and utterly fill you up; once you have felt God overwhelm you with His glory – you will never find yourself whole again apart from it. It will always be something you yearn for.
So seek it out. Reach out for Him. Trust me – He’ll show up for you, and He’ll show off for you by astounding you with just how personal and intimately He knows and loves you. Don’t let the “real world” distract you or pull you away from Him. For your appetite will never be quenched without God’s presence and His ability to recharge you so completely that you feel like you will explode because you are so full of His goodness.

That thing you’re looking for? He’s “it.”

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of She also has a blog for parents at


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  1. Pam Ford Davis
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 12:40:30

    Amen and Amen! I was awed by the “flatlining” statement!



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