Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

 Romans 8:28

When I was a child my mother made all of my clothes. I have a picture of myself at about 4 years of age wearing a beautiful white linen coat. Now for very poor people in the midst of the depression years a white linen coat was an absolute luxury fit for a princess. Truth is my mother made that coat for me out of one of my grandfather’s old suits. He would always wear out the pants, but not the coats. My mother could envision as she looked at that coat that it could become a useful garment for me. She could cut out all of the bad spots, salvage everything that was good and make me look like a princess (well almost). To me the materials looked like a pile of rags.

 Many ladies made clothes out of “flour sacks”. (Now, I’ll insert a little parenthesis here. There are many of you who may read this and not know that flour used to come in beautifully printed cotton sacks that were used to make clothing…or at least dish towels) Ladies had the talent to envision what that material could be made into.

 The same is true of a woodworker. He envisions the product. He carefully chooses the wood for its beauty and usefulness. He saws. He sands. He puts together his pattern with nails, staples or glue. He has fashioned the wood like an artist knowing all along what he wants it to be when he is finished.

 “Father, please let me be submissive to Your Hands as You fashion the circumstances of my life. Lord, I know you see the “big picture” and will work all things together for my good; because I love You and I know You have called me according to Your Purpose. You have the pattern of my life in Your Hands and will create a thing of beauty and usefulness out of what appears to me to be a “pile of rags” Thank You for Loving kindness. Amen”

Emily Swanson



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  1. Pam Ford Davis
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 12:37:30

    Your very special garment was put together with love in every stitch. God continues His special creativity in your life to one day present you without spot or wrinkle as a very important part of His Bride, the church!

    Love You!


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