Sit, Stay

Psalm 46:10

As she battled with cancer, my sister shared this testimony with me: ” All my life I thought if I was busy, my hands were providing and preparing, everything would be ok. My value of “me” was placed on my performance. Even If I watched TV, my hands were busy crocheting or embroidering. I never knew how to be still. Now I know! ”

One of the first commands learned by our pet dog is, “sit, stay”. What obedience! Do we not owe that much to our God? Being still and listening is not a Great American Pass-time. How could we ever understand that one of life’s greatest journeys could be made in weakness and stillness?

 Beloved, forgive me if I digress here for a moment of personal reflection. As I sit and write this morning, my sister is on what she calls her cancer journey, fighting for her life. She is learning in a very painful way to “be still and to know”. She was vivacious from birth; never sitting idle. Yet she has said to me, “having the cancer is worth this journey.” She has learned to be submissive to God’s plan. At MD Anderson Hospital she has met many wonderful people who are on the same journey. She has developed a more intimate relationship with her Heavenly Father than she ever dreamed imaginable. Praise God.

 As for me, I sit here 4 hours away from her. I cannot heal her. I cannot ease her pain. I cannot “kiss it and make it better” as I did when she was little. It is not possible for me to be there at all. My part of being “still and knowing that He is God” is to turn my beloved sister over to the One who can and will bring healing and comfort.

 “Abba, Father, Help us, Lord to be willing to turn loose of all things that we cannot make better and turn it all over to You. We all have loved ones who need your healing touch. Help us to realize that the greatest act of kindness is to give them to Your Loving Care. You’re the Great Physician. Oh, Lord, we know there is a Balm in Gilead! Amen”


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  1. dionna
    May 31, 2010 @ 19:29:26

    I love the thoughts you shared with us. For the past few months, I’ve felt like God has been telling me in many ways to be “still” and “wait on Him.” But to simply be still and listen FOR Him at times — that is needed also! I feel so lazy when I’m still sometimes. But how vital it is needed and that’s a good reminder.

    I’m so sorry about your sister.


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