Wear That Crown

Do you like your hair color; or do you even know your hair color? With the convenience of easy hair coloring today, many people cover gray, or just like a change. My hair color changed drastically when enrolled in the seventh grade. Before then, my light blonde hair made me very happy. My three sisters were brunettes. Only my younger brother and I were blondes.  

I colored it for many years; having a couple shades of disaster. One time it turned out orange and once became a gruesome shade of green. Roots are just to keep your hair in and are ignored, unless you color your hair. Then they become a never ending enemy. Some people look so natural in a new color, that the original hair coloring would make you laugh. On the other hand…Lucille Ball’s stylist went a little bit too far at times.     

My mother’s beautiful naturally curly brown hair started turning gray in her 40’s. She colored it herself and did a beautiful job. Unfortunately, her system decided it should fight back, and reject the treatments. She ended up at the doctor’s office with a severe allergic reaction. Her physician began to prescribe a medication; and they talked about our family. She explained that all four of her daughters were expecting babies. He told her, “You have earned that gray hair!” I don’t think she ever colored it again. “A gray head is a crown of glory; It is found in the way of righteousness (Proverbs 16:31 NAS).”


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