Pleasant Valley Sunday

Is Sunday the first day of the week or the last? No, I am not a grammar school teacher addressing her students. This is a serious question. I know it seems silly; but it may be more complicated than you realize. Where does Sunday fit in your schedule?

Our family seldom attended church when I grew up. The week began on Monday morning as the children returned to school; and Dad settled back in with his two jobs to keep five children dressed and fed. The week ended on Sunday. We slept late on Sunday morning and Mom prepared a big dinner. Afternoons were usually hum-drum. We might visit relatives or have company drop by. Sunday night meant the weekend came to a close. We took baths and made sure homework assignments were finished. We wrapped up another Sunday viewing favorites: The Wonderful World of Disney, Ed Sullivan, or Bonanza. Another routine week would arrive on Monday morning.

As followers of Christ we worship on Sunday, the Lord’s Day of resurrection. “The day after the Sabbath day was the first day of the week (Matthew 28:1a NCV).” The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown Friday evening and ends at sundown Saturday evening. We meet with others in our local church on Sunday to begin another week. Sunday prepares us for mundane Mondays. We are re-filled with strength and encouragement helping us to face any unexpected week day hurdles. Sunday is a pleasant day of worship, fellowship, and rest. Make a fresh commitment to make Sunday the first day of your week.


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