More Than a Habit

Why do we do what we do?

A lot of things that we do in life end up to be nothing more than habits.  We’re supposed to do our daily devotions – so we do them every morning.  We go to church each Sunday.  We are nice to others and do good deeds. But what’s inside of our hearts?  We may be doing our daily devotions, but the purpose of that is to bring us closer to the Lord. Where do we take what we learn in that devotional time?  We may go to church on Sunday and participate in Bible Study, but what kind of movies do we watch?  And have we forgiven that person who hurt us? 

So much of our lives end up being ritual or tradition. We do something because that’s what we were taught to do.  Yet there is really no meaning in it for us.  We know a lot of things in our head, but they don’t always make it to our heart.

I think God wants more for us than that. Yes, He wants us to dig into His Word and learn more about Him. He wants us to be kind to others. But He wants us to open our horizons and let Him work in ways that are unusual and different, as well. He wants our lives to mean something! 

It’s kind of like saying a dinnertime prayer. We can say, “Thank you Lord for this food, and thank you for this day.”  OR we can make our prayer mean something and count for something. We can pray, “Lord, I am so blessed that I can buy the food my family needs and have extra for dessert. I realize there are others who aren’t so blessed. Please help me see a need and share the food I’ve got with someone who needs it. And thank you for my house and for sparing my health today. Let me not take it for granted. I love you. Amen.”  Big difference. The prayer comes from our heart and it means something. It’s not just a habit – a ritual.

I believe that if you start to look for ways to find the meaning in your life, instead of simply doing something because “you’re supposed to” – that you will find new ways of growing closer to the Lord. He will show you exciting things that you wouldn’t know otherwise and He will draw you to Him in a way that you wouldn’t of thought possible before when you were simply going through the motions. 

If you want to be used by Him to impact others, and you want a life deeper and richer than the one you’ve been living – it’s time to start making your life count. Take a step back and see what has lost meaning in your life and go at it from a different perspective.  You will feel so alive as you discover the meaning and intent that will fall upon your heart and life.
~ Dionna Sanchez is Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry. Sign up for her free monthly ezine at


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