Mama Loves You

“Mama loves you, mama loves you, mama loves Kamica Lynn – I will always be beside you, mama loves Kamica Lynn.”

I used to sing these words to my precious daughters’ at bedtime. I inserted each of their names and neither one knew that I sang it to the other. It was something special – geared just to them. It started when my precious daughter Kamica was little and couldn’t fall asleep one night.  She would get still and grow quiet as she listened and fell asleep. It was a great feeling to know that my love could give her such security!  She knew that when she was scared, I would be there.  When she was lonely, I would be there. When she made mistakes, I would be there to love her and help her learn. Even when she had questions or concerns – mama would always be on her side.

I still sing this song to my girls’ on occasion. Each time I pull it out from the recesses of my heart at bedtime or when they are sad or disappointed –  a smile crosses their face. It’s like a gift I’m able to give them – the reassurance of my love and devotion.

~ Dionna Sanchez (


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