Protection In the Desert

After I graduated from high school I did what most young men and women want to do. I wanted to spread my wings a little to see how far I could fly – so I moved from Oregon to Las Vegas, NV. I stayed with some friends for 6 months but then I moved out; totally on my own.

I LOVED it there! But it took a lot of trust on my parents’ part to let their 18 year old daughter live hundreds of miles away in a big city all by herself.  I see that time in my life as a very pivotal time because God helped me grow a lot in the two years that I lived there. And He protected me against ALL harm when a lot of harm could have come my way!

~ A man was shot in my apartment complex and the shooter ran right past my window. I never knew this until right before I moved back to Oregon – but God protected me.

~ My truck’s alternator died, the battery blew, and the radiator hose went out.  Each time this happened God placed me with someone or put me in a safe location where I could call for help.  There were so many times when I was by myself or driving back from a function late at night – but I never broke down during those times.  God protected me.

~ God provided me with a wonderful, vibrant, growing church. This was where I met some core friendships that would become my support system and help guide me during my time there.

~ He gave me a Christian manager at my workplace. Someone to whom I am still in touch with to this day.

Wonderful friends and memories.  God taught me that He exists everywhere and that my faith was truly my own – not just something I was taught or something that was handed down to me. 

Everyone has a “desert” time in their life. Yours may not be a physical place like mine was – but one that is just as awe-inspiring and real. Let God show you just how deeply He loves you. Let Him reveal Himself to you. He will truly astound you with how involved He is in your life.
~ Dionna Sanchez


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