God’s Baby Book

Most new mothers quickly begin a baby book, following the arrival of their child.  It is a place to record the milestones of birth date and time, weight and height, and description, such as color of hair and eyes. Other items may include such listings as the name of the hospital and physician. She will proudly paste in that first picture, which is usually taken while still in the hospital, and shared in mailed birth announcements. As time passes there will be a lengthy listing of firsts: babie’s first smile, first laugh, first time the child rolls over by itself, sits up by itself, the appearance of the first tooth, first time their baby crawls on its’ knees, is able to pull up and stand, first words, and those proud first steps. The baby frequently accomplishes all of this and more in the first twelve months.

The baby book for our daughter April came as a gift from the hospital in Indianola, located in Sunflower County, Mississippi. It left space to record a lifetime of a child. Did you realize that God has a baby book for each of His children? Naturally, I have never actually seen one; but in faith I believe they exist. (Psalms 139:16) “Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance: and in Thy book they are written, the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.” That sure sounds like a baby book to me.

 Notice, God did not wait until after we were born to begin our books, as our mothers did. He wrote the events and details of our lives before they occurred.  Wow! Do you wonder what details He penned there? Maybe in addition to the firsts our moms included, He added: first time we prayed to Him, first time we went to church, our first lie, our first tears, first time we got angry, tender moment that we first forgave someone, maybe the first time we sang praise to Him. Surely He would record our first realization that we were created by Him, first time we asked Him for forgiveness of sin, and the life changing instant when we called Him our Savior and Lord. With joy He would smile and jot down the very first time we shared the good news about His Son Jesus with another person…Yes, life is an ongoing list of firsts for us and God cares enough about each of us to remember each one. I wonder what his entries will be today.


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