Just Look Up

I was on my way to the library this morning lost in my thoughts, when I looked up. Immediately, my perspective on what I was thinking about changed. Just by looking up. My thoughts were turned to God and the heavens. I wanted to talk to Him and with Him about my life. I felt His presence and strength buoy me. Just by looking up.
It occurred to me how often our perspectives or attitude could change merely by looking up instead of keeping our eyes down. We so often are consumed by what is going on in our own little world. Our eyes are down – down on earth, down on our problems, down on our surroundings, and on ourselves. Our focus is down here…. instead of up there.
All it takes is a second to look upward and get a God-focus on what is going on in our lives. All it takes is for us to take our eyes off of ourselves to get the direction and inspiration we sometimes need.
We get too consumed with ourselves. Too consumed with everything going on around us. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, buried under “to-do’s,” or alone – I ask you, when was the last time you looked up?

~ Dionna Sanchez (http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com)


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  1. rundadrun
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 21:02:29

    Great post. I do the same thing when I am running. I do a lot of praying and praising when I am out in God’s beautiful creation, whether running or driving. God Bless,


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