Evacuation Route

Life in the Sunshine State is not always a vacation paradise. Even there residents have to face the reality of nature. You take the bad with the good, where ever you live. In this case that means the possibility of hurricanes. In recent years Florida dealt with the fury of many. Their power, their destruction is embedded in memories. In a storms path real estate is leveled; communities and their people are scarred. When the hurricane warnings were issued the call rang out: “Evacuation Mandatory.” The Emergency Management authorities prepared evacuation routes, marking streets and highways properly. If residents and tourists would follow the directions of authorities, they could leave the danger and flee to safety. 

Problems always develop when evacuation is ordered. Many people underestimate the seriousness of the storms threat. They decide to stay put, hunker down, and ride out the storm. It can mean the loss of life or serious injuries. Another problem surfaces by those who do evacuate, as they face critical decisions of what to take with them, and what they must leave behind. We are often unaware of the “tight grip” possessions have on us! At the approach of a Hurricane people are forced to meet this issue head on.

In the spiritual realm a force more powerful than a hurricane is lurking. Sin, evil, and temptations are growing, building, gaining strength, as they approach. Do we have to see the destruction? Do we need to have our lives leveled, bear the scars forever? No! God freely gave us His evacuation route! He made a way of escape. (1Corinthians 10:13) The choice is ours, stay where we are or flee to safety. Will we take seriously the seriousness of sin? Can we see it as God sees it, leading to death, an eternal separation from Him, for those outside of Christ? To Christians, will we face the reality that sin causes a break in our intimate fellowship with the Lord, and a loss of fruit bearing? Or, as those who decide to take their chances, and sit out the hurricane, will we choose to “dig in our heels” and remain in the approaching storm of discipline and judgment?

OK, if we do take the provided way of escape; what about our baggage? We are told to cast away our sin, anything that weighs us down in our race ahead. (Hebrews 12:1) Christ tells us, those who leave all behind will gain eternal life. We are also told not to look back. (Luke 9:62) Our way of escape is always there, and is always open. It is never stopped or blocked due to a traffic jam, as evacuation routes often are. So, do not face the powerful storms of life alone!  As hurricanes are named alphabetically, our way of escape is J E S U S, the Alpha and the Omega, A-Z!


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