All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Do you have the luxury of owning a large collection of gold jewelry, dazzling gems and dangling bracelets? Just the dropping of the name Tiffany’s rings in our ears with a sound of a cash register. Most of us have only a few authentic costly pieces, an engagement ring and wedding band set and maybe earrings and necklace chains. We settle for costume jewelry that also sparkles in the light though it does not have the clarity. Cubic Zirconia in recent years came to be easily recognized by us after advertising by sales people on television shopping networks. The old commercial slogan for ladies hair coloring, “Only her hairdresser knows for sure” remains true. Now we can say of a lady dripping in diamonds and gold, “Only the shoppers networks know for sure!”

Trained eyes can recognize diamonds from paste jewelry and high carat gold from gold plated which will tarnish. In gold rush days prospectors were easily tricked with fool’s gold. They had felt so sure their find was genuine. Their disappointment must have been overwhelming. They would get new supplies and eagerly head back into the hills to try again. They held high hopes of one day finding the mother load and striking it rich. Gold is mentioned many times in the Bible. You might be surprised to learn where it is first found, in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:11-12). We know it is also at the back of the Good Book where the exciting description of Heavens streets of gold is found. (Revelation 21:21)

There is a fascinating story recorded in II Chronicles and was first brought to my attention over thirty years ago. It is really sad when you read between the lines. Do you remember all of the riches displayed in Solomon’s Temple and Palace in Jerusalem? As you read the very detailed descriptions you learn that gold showed up everywhere! It must have been a dazzling site to behold. Scripture passages explain that Israel used very little silver; because to the people it appeared as common as stones. The nation rejected God, and lived in rebellion. As a consequence they fell into the hands of their enemies. The treasures of the temple and palace were taken as plunder. (II Chronicles 12:9-11) The King of Egypt took control of the treasures including gold shields made by King Solomon. The current reigning King, Rehoboam replaced them with bronze shields. They were brought out for temple worship. Following the time in God’s presence they were safely placed in the armory of the royal escorts. They were not stored away because they were of great value, being   poor substitutes for the precious gold shields taken away. It could very likely be they were stored out of sight, away from close inspection. These newer shields were not displayed with pride and honor. In contrast, with shame they were used only as inexpensive substitutes.

What about our lives? Where is the radiance upon a face from one who once walked with The Lord? Has it been replaced with artificial light masked on a face of someone just playing church? Our golden shields of faith are still available. Let’s not keep them in storage like fine china. Raise them high and the reflection will be seen in believer’s lives. “All that glitters isn’t gold,” but as children of The King we do not need to settle for junk jewelry, or inferior shields of protection.


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