The Passing of Time

Everyone says that time goes by quickly. And it does. It doesn’t feel like it goes by quickly when you’re a child because I don’t think you have anything to look back on – to gage the passing of time. But when you’re an adult, the constant changes in your children as they grow show you each day how quickly time is passing by. 
I hate how adults complain about getting old. I feel so young still! And when others complain, it just makes me feel old and I feel like they have robbed me of my vitality in sharing those aging feelings with me! 

I, instead, choose to embrace life as much as I can. I truly believe that if you feel young it will help you stay young and active longer as opposed to feeling old and letting your body start to waste away as you abstain from so much of life.
I don’t know why we fight “aging” so much. Yes, we’d all prefer to look and feel youthful and be at our most attractive age for the rest of our life. But there would be a trade-in if that happened. We’d have to trade in so many of the internal lessons we’d learned as a result of aging. We’d never learn the value in respecting those older, wiser, and more mature than us and we’d certainly lose a sense of compassion for the body that doesn’t move as nimbly as it used to.
My grandpa once told me that it was a gift to be able to grow old because many never get that chance. I have never forgotten that quote. I carry it with me through each birthday and passing of the years in my life. I remember that to see my children get older is bittersweet, but that it’s exactly what I’ve asked God for. I’ve asked Him to be healthy, and safe so that I can be a mama who is around to mold and teach them, and watch them grow up. I’ve asked Him to let me be around so that I can help impact their lives and hopefully help the Word and love of the Lord take root in their hearts and souls.
Time does pass. Nothing we do will ever change that. Except maybe our attitudes. That’s the only way we win. And I want to win. I want to be a classy middle-aged woman, and a darling, wise older woman that the younger women come to for advice and support. As long as I’m alive, my life must be worth living and I don’t want to waste it.

~ Dionna Sanchez (


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