Manic Mother

Since when is “busy” better? I’ve wondered that often the past few years. It seems that life seems to barrel out of control and we let it.  We let the schools tell us that we need to contribute this, volunteer here, give to this, etc. We add church functions to our schedule, sports activities to our schedule and say “yes” to way too many things. Heaven forbid we should sit at home without the telephone ringing asking for our help! Why then, we might be considered boring or unwanted! No, we feel that we need to be running here and there, and pretty much – just plain running everywhere. When we aren’t running to some activity, function, or appointment, we are running in our heads with to-do lists galore.
It’s good to be active and involved in life – with boundaries and limitations. My concern is when I just see mothers active and involved without boundaries and limitations. They may be the most “talked-to” women at the school or church, but where are their children? Who is taking care of them? Who is investing their hearts into them? If they are with their moms usually I see them clamoring for attention and being hushed repeatedly, or running off independently on their own without proper respect or obedience being given the parent in the least. But they are independent because in a way, they’ve had to be. Mom is always busy baking for this event, helping decorate for this function, or planning this activity.  And the family suffers for it.  All in the name of image.
Moms – slow down. We need to be wise in what activities and functions we allow into our lives and our homes. Society doesn’t encourage restraint and rest. But we need to recognize that so that it doesn’t have a hold over us.  Not everything is to the benefit or growth of our family. And certainly not everything creates a strong family bond. In fact, some things only tear and rip those bonds making them very fragile, indeed.
Our families should be our #1 ministry. Not the church bake sale, the school PTA, or Girl Scouts. As great as each one of those activities are, they are worthless and they are harmful if we can’t first take care of our families physical and emotional needs before attending to the needs of the organization or ministry calling for our attention.

A “manic mom” is never a good thing for a family. Take some time to figure out if you’ve let well-meaning friends and activities take up too much of your time and emotions. Study how much time you put into those “things” and how much time you have left to be a mom, wife, and Godly woman and example in your own home.
It’s never too late to make a change.

~ Dionna Sanchez


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  1. Jenn
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 19:50:02

    Well, said! Did a recent related post just to get some things out:


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