The Babe In The Manger

We sing the song every Christmas, ‘Away in a manger no crib for his bed …’, but have you ever really given thought to that statement? Can you imagine giving birth to a baby, in a stable and then putting him in a manger to sleep? And we are not talking a top of the line horse stable here. Most likely it was more like a cave, that the animals found shelter in. And here was this very young, probably very scared young girl about to give birth to the Son of God. WOW … can you just image?

I love Mary’s faith. I pray for a faith as strong as Mary’s, but would I really be willing to endure what she endured? Here she was young, probably about 12 or 13 years old, when an angel appeared to her and told her she would be pregnant with a child, conceived by the Holy Spirit. Mary was already engaged to a fellow, Joseph, at this time and when the families found out she was pregnant, Joseph could cancel their marriage and even worse, Mary could be stoned or ostracized from her family. But I love her response that day to the angel, “May it be with me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38)

Now that is faith.

It took some faith to go tell Joseph, “Oh, um, by the way, I’m pregnant.” They weren’t living together, Joseph knew the baby wasn’t his, and he wasn’t happy. But before Joseph could call the wedding off, that same angel came to him and told him what was going on. And Joseph had faith, and he married Mary.

And then, right when the baby was to be born, they had to go to Bethlehem to pay taxes. Boy, talk about bad timing. Can you image having to travel any distance on a donkey when it’s close to your due date? And I’m sure that the donkey ride helped spur on Mary’s labor, because once they got to Bethlehem, Mary is ready to have that baby. But they find out there is no place to stay … the inns are all full. Boy, it just keeps going from bad to worse for poor Mary. But we don’t hear her complaining.

I have to confess, my little Chase came too quickly for anesthesia during his labor and I had to birth him the old fashioned, natural way and it hurts! It wasn’t what I had planned, but sometimes life throws a monkey wrench into our plan. I had never wanted to be in that club, that ‘I had a baby naturally club.’

I image by this point in time, Mary was wondering if this was all such a great idea. Sure, it was all fine and well when the angel first told her, but now when push comes to shove, literally, I’m sure she was wondering what she had gotten herself into. There she is, poor little thing; tired and hungry and now going into labor and no place to even lay down. If anyone had a reason to be grumpy, she did. But we don’t see that, we see that strong, quiet confidence that comes only from God, from a faith that can’t be squelched by the natural cares or concerns of the world. We see that faith in Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as she gave birth to her son.
     – The Story of the Birth of Jesus: Luke 1 – 2

Away in a manger,
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by my side,
‘Til morning is nigh.

Be near me, Lord Jesus,
I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray

Bless all the dear children
In Thy tender care
And take us to heaven
To live with Thee there
Father, I love the faith of Mary. Oh Lord, what she must have endured to bring you into the world, yet she was Your humble servant, living out her faith in action and in spirit. Father help me to walk the walk … not talk the talk.

I Love You Jesus
In Your Name I Pray!

God’s Blessings Upon You!


The Choices You Make Today …
Will Affect Your Tomorrow!


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