Yes, Virginia!

As the editor of our cities leading newspaper I thought I’d seen everything; but a letter from a little girl one Christmas opened my eyes to how little I really knew. Our editorial page is usually filled with letters from men and women complaining about city, state and federal government. The problems they face are real and need to be addressed; yet they are only temporary hardships. This girl’s concern would be of lasting importance to not only her, but to all she tenderly touched through her letter. Open your mind and heart to the cries of Virginia.

Dear Editor:

My name is Virginia. I am eight years old and attend Main Street Elementary. My father reads your paper every morning at our breakfast table, before he goes to work. He says, “If you read it in the Post, you can believe it!” I have a question. Is there really a Christ child? My Mommy and Daddy always take me to Sunday school and church. I have heard the Bible stories about baby Jesus. Each Christmas we sing Christmas Carols and the children put on a Christmas program. Last year I played the part of an angel and Mommy made me a pretty white costume.

My problem is at school. The teachers never talk about the Christ child. We have a big decorated Christmas tree and have a party with cookies and punch. We get presents, too. There are no songs like Silent Night, Joy to the World, O Little Town of Bethlehem, or Away in a Manger. Next Friday our vacation begins. Mommy said when she went to school they were out for Christmas and Easter vacations. We take winter and spring breaks.

I told a girl in my class that we make a birthday cake for baby Jesus. She laughed at me and said there is no baby Jesus. Grown ups just made Him up; there is no Christ child. I don’t believe Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, Pastor or my Sunday school teacher would lie to me. Is there really a Christ child?

My answer to Virginia, to all little girls and boys, and their families follows:

Yes Virginia, there is a Christ child! Christmas is the time we celebrate His birthday. He lives in your heart, and in all hearts who believe in Him. Never stop believing! He loves you very much and He wants you to be happy this Christmas. Enjoy your songs and your Christmas program at church. Tell your family, pastor and Sunday school teacher that you love them. Say, thank you for telling me about baby Jesus, the Christ child.

Virginia, I am sorry about what happened at school, and that the little girl made fun of you and baby Jesus. It makes me sad to know that all people do not trust Him as much as you do. Do you think your friend would come to Jesus’ birthday party if you ask her? Virginia, you gave me the best Christmas gift I ever received. You gave me the truth that some people will never learn; Christmas is Jesus! He is the reason for the season! Yes Virginia, there is a Christ child!


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