The Gift of Kindness

We are sharing The Gift of Kindness during the month of December at The Tree of Life Church.

An act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up another individual … to do something nice for another, just because.

Some Acts of Kindness:
1. Give bouquet of homegrown flowers to a neighbor or friend.
2. Share your homegrown vegetables.
3. Pick up some extra vegetables or fruits to share from your farmers market.
4. Pass on an uplifting book to a friend or co-worker.
5. Mow your neighbor’s yard while they are away.
6. Send an uplifting card to a stranger.
7. Send a movie rental or coffee gift certificate to a stranger.
8. Bring up your neighbor’s garbage can on collection day.
9. Leave chocolate on your co-workers desk.
10. Buy a bunch of flowers for under $5, tie a ribbon with a Gift of Kindness card around each flower and leave it in a mailbox or on a car.
11. Make dinner for an elderly neighbor.
12. Smile at a stranger.
13. Use your skills and talents:
       Knit a scarf or hat
       Bake a dessert
      Grow a plant to give away
      Make homemade card
      Pass on a great book
      Make a candle
     Sing at a retirement or nursing home
     Play an instrument at a retirement or nursing home
     Pass on coupons and share buy one get one offers
     Offer to babysit for free
     Write a friends favorite quote in calligraphy and frame it
     Help a friends scrapbook her pictures
     Give a friend a makeover
14. Send an ecard.
15. Send a handwritten letter.
16. Pass on your children’s outgrown clothes.
17. Give a waiter or waitress a double tip.
18. Send requested items to soldier’s overseas.

As you can see it does not cost much to perform acts of kindness, just use your talents and skills and a little imagination.

Will you join us in sharing kindness throughout your world?

It’s All Because Of Jesus!


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