Let Your Word Stand For Something

There used to be a time when people would say they were going to do something and you could hold them to it. You knew that they would be honorable, show integrity and do what they said they would do. You didn’t even think to question it!

Boy, times have sure changed.

I used to be so trusting – almost to the point of being gullible. I would trust someone until they gave me a reason not to.

My heart is so saddened to see how things have changed. I don’t trust just anyone anymore. People’s “word” doesn’t seem to stand for much anymore. We say, “If you need anything – call me” – but then aren’t available. We promise to call someone or stop by – but something came up. We say we will do something – but somehow time goes on and we forget about it.

It’s happened to me and my husband more times than I’d care to admit. People have let us down.

I don’t understand how people can continue to go on about their life – say a glib “sorry” and think that will cover it. Don’t they care that their reputation has been damaged? Don’t they worry about how responsible, trustworthy, or honorable that other people will think of them? I’m guessing not… because it seems to me that people who truly do

keep their word nowadays – are in the minority.

I really, really strive to be a person of integrity. If I say I will do something – I have high expectations of myself to do it. That’s why I don’t commit myself to things lightly. I want my word to stand for something with others. I want them to know they can trust me – they can count on me – and that I am what I seem.

My question for you today is – are you what you seem? Do you always have “well-meaninged” intentions that don’t go any

where? It’s time to change that.

You see, Satan is the one who takes those “well-meaninged” intentions and lets distractions, self-centeredness, busyness, pride of our own time or possessions – and he lets those get in the way of following Christ’s example of being there for others. If you “take” more than you “g

ive” in relationships – you might take a step back and look at how and if your word stands for anything in your life.

Because when all is said and done – sometimes our “word” (followed out by action) is the only thing we truly have that represents who we are. Do you stand for something that rings hollow — or something that rings true?
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