It’s Too Hard

There are lots of things in life that we don’t attempt because we think it will be “too hard.” We all do it. I hear it and I’ve said it.

But this morning I was thinking, “Isn’t that just the point?” If we could do something on our own – then why would we need to rely on God to help us? Or how would we be able to give Him the credit for something? If things are comfortable, easy, and just the way we like them – how can God show us who He truly is?

I think us backing off of things in life that we feel are “too hard” is our way of copping out sometimes. We have let Satan use our fears to overwhelm us and get us to back off from things and directions that maybe we are intended to go in. Sure -we’re all scared sometimes. But courage isn’t the absence of fear – it’s the conquest of it. And it feels good when we can make the choice to let God grow that quality in our hearts.

I know that there will be more things in my life that feel like they will be just “too hard” for me. But God has shown me this past month that when things are “too hard” for me – they are never “too hard” for Him. And that when I can place those issues and challenges into His loving and wise hands – the obstacle suddenly lessens and becomes easily managed because He can tackle anything!!

We just need to let Him.
~ Dionna Sanchez



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  1. TrueMan
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 18:49:22

    God won’t help those who don’t help themselves. You have to at least try.


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