Body Maintenance

I used to glide by in life. In saying that, I mean that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to what I ate, how much I ate, how little I exercised or anything else. I was fairly slender and doing well – so I didn’t pay attention to any “maintenance” that needed to be done. But then “age” happens.

You have that Dr. appt. that goes a little less than well. Your cholesterol is too high and they tell you that it needs to be lowered. You do it for a while and things go good but then life happens and you forget. Time creeps up on you and before you know it your weight is a little heavier than you’d prefer and you have these issues you need to pay attention to again.

God says that our bodies are vessels of the Holy Spirit. Those words mean a little bit more to me in my 30’s than they did in my 20’s. They mean more because I see how I haven’t taken care of myself as well as I should have at times. I ate too much junk food, too much fatty food, and just TOO much food! Luckily for me, I don’t weigh 500 lbs but it still takes a toll on your body and your health over time.

My dad used to tell me that I couldn’t just drive a car, I had to pay attention to keeping it tuned up and maintained. The same is true of our bodies. Just because we think we look good on the outside doesn’t mean we are running well on the inside. And how we live, what we do – it affects our families. Our children learn good or bad eating habits from us. They learn to be active or sedentary from us. And they learn how to view themselves from us. That’s a lot to put on our shoulders but we can handle it if we in turn, place it on God’s shoulders. It just takes tackling things one step at a time.

I want to be around for a long time. I want my children to have a mom around to see them grow up. I want to be healthy enough to do things with them and to enjoy those things. I want to someday enjoy being with my grandchildren! But that means that I have to start taking care of myself now.

Vow to make one change in your life today. Maybe it’s starting to take a daily multivitamin or walking 20 min a day. Maybe it’s only eating what’s on your plate and not getting seconds or serving healthier snacks or drinks to your kids. Whatever it is, make your goal tangible and do it for yourself because you care about yourself and love yourself. No other goal will stick. You can’t do it for others – you have to do it for yourself. Then, give yourself time to adjust. Cut yourself some slack when you fail at times. It takes awhile for new habits to be established in our lives! Then, once you get that goal down, give yourself another goal and watch your life slowly change into a healthier lifestyle.

I’m right there with you taking and making small goals for myself. It takes baby steps and it takes determination but we CAN do it. We can take care of the vessel that God gave us and learn to embrace it and pamper it with better food, more exercise, and a newfound joy. Let’s do it together and model what GREAT living is really all about.
~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of


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