PANAMA 474Most of us tend to look at life based on what we’ve felt and experienced ourselves. It’s natural. We have our own little window that we look through. But that window only sees one view if we don’t get outside of our own little world sometimes.
My eyes have been opened more within the last 5 years partially, because I’ve been able to get outside of my own world and the way I live it to see and experience how others live and experience their lives a little bit. It’s made me more aware of how and why people are the way they are.
I think we can get “tunnel vision” if we don’t put ourselves into other people’s shoes on occasion. We can also lose touch with human nature – expecting everyone to see things and interpret them the way that we do. It’s not fair to them or ourselves. Someone who lives in a big city is not going to see or experience life the same way that someone in the country does. And someone who lives in a new, clean area will not understand how someone who lives in an area where they feel unsafe will feel about life.  Or an American will view life differently than someone who lives in Africa, China, or Argentina.
We know all this in our heads but I think on a day to day basis; we forget. We assume that everyone goes about life just like us. That they have the same opportunies or lack thereof that we do. And if we don’t feel this way, then maybe we unfairly assume things about people who live differently than we do. Maybe we assume that all rich people are uncaring and don’t help others. Or that all people who live in the slums are dishonest and corrupt.

I think that no matter what our financial situation is, it’s more important than ever in our growing world that we get out and see things. If we can get a better perspective of the big world we live in, it will feel smaller as we gain insight and empathy into the lives of others. It’s important because as people travel more and more, we don’t just live with those who grew up the way we do. We run into people from all nationalities, walks of life, and denominations.
If you can’t fly to other countries, you can still drive. And if you can’t drive, I’m betting you can still read or watch television and the Internet. Resources are so vast today. But nothing compares to being somewhere else and seeing with your own eyes what life is like there. Hearing the sounds and smelling the smells. Every city has a different personality and feel to it.  Learn about it and the people who live there. Let it permeate your skin and grow to understand more about human nature.
Your viewpoint and the way you observe people handling and dealing with life – will grow and change. It will deepen and your understanding will grow as you learn the why’s and how come’s. That kind of knowledge can only benefit everyone as we learn to understand … and maybe love each other a little bit better.


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