Bad Morning

I like to send my girls off to school with a smile on their face and hugs in their hearts. So it’s especially frustrating when they seem to be grumpy, and irritated with one another all morning.

“How rude!”

“Stop it!”


Grrr! It can make ME grumpy just listening to them!

That’s the kind of morning we had today. My heart just deflates at the thought of them leaving for school with the last memory of me being one of a chastising mother getting on their case about their attitudes!

The world is a tough place and school can be such a tough environment for our children. I want mine to have warm thoughts and feelings of home and of me. I want them to know that someone is in their corner. I want them to have the base at home to give them the courage and self esteem they need to navigate their own path and stand their ground against peer pressure.

If they leave for school feeling grumpy and frustrated with me, then I don’t think they will be very confident to go against the pack (should they need to.)

As I was watching them load up onto the bus this morning, my heart was saddened at the thought of sending them off to school on a sour note. But I thought, “I can still pray for them.” I can pray that their moods and their day will change. I can pray that somewhere, somehow, the things I teach them will permeat their hearts and lives and give them the roots they need.

As I was watching the bus take off – I saw a shadow of my oldest daughter in the backseat waving to me. I waved back and continued to see her waving at me until the bus was out of sight. It made me feel good. Maybe who I am and what I stand for is outlasting the few bad moments we had on one morning. Because my face and my hand waving at her — was the last thing she was concentrating on as she pulled away.

That’s gotta count for something.


~ Dionna Sanchez/Founder –


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  1. blissbait
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 23:39:53

    You know, I think you are hard on yourself. Your words and the strong pull of your heart to nourish show where your intentions lay, and that’s what children read with their own hearts. I feel our words mean so little. I believe we read one another’s energy. And if a take from the ‘peanut gallery’ means anything, well, the world is not always going to smile at your children. There will be people and situations that tell them to ‘Knock it off!’ and to ‘Mellow out!’ or ‘Enough already!’. When their behavior elicits this (or whatever your own brand may be) reaction from you, just remember it is backed by SSSSOOOOOOO much love. Breathe deep. They can take it. The fact that this breaks your heart speaks volumes.

    Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy.


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