Parenting Prayer Partners

Moms tend to try and travel the roads of parenting by themselves.  I think a lot of us do this because we’re afraid others will perceive us as “inept” or “failures” if we ask for help, advice, or support.

How wrong we are!

In the days of our ancestors, moms depended on one another to learn and survive!  They would congregate together to help a fellow woman in need.  But today we think we need to have it all together.  Yet everyone needs someone.  Women especially, were created for fellowship.

One thing you can do for yourself is to seek out and find another mom who can be a prayer partner with you.  Find someone whom you can relate to both spiritually and in personality.  Ask her to commit to pray for you and your family.  You will commit to pray for her and her family as well.  When you have a commitment and support system like this, it is a real bonding and growing experience.  You will be there for each other helping each other raise and guide your children in the Lord.

Keep a prayer journal for one another and record praises and milestones in each other’s lives.  You will feel encouragement and hope like never before just knowing that someone’s “got your back.”

Don’t try to fly solo anymore as a mom, wife, or woman.  It’s time to get the love and support you need and deserve.

~ Dionna Sanchez encourages moms through her website and blog – subscriber to her free monthly newsletter for moms at


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