The Value of Youth Group

Are you concerned about your teen?  Do you worry about the choices they make in friendships? Do you feel like they are slipping away?  I can’t encourage you enough to get your child into a church youth group and setting, if they aren’t already.

I have personally seen what a strong, vibrant youth group has done for my stepson’s life. I feel so indebted to it for reinforcing what we were trying to teach him at home. They pulled him in with fun activities and caring individuals who embraced who he was and what he was interested in. Then, they started talking to him and the other kids about subjects that were relevant to their lives – sex, peer pressure, mainstream music, public school issues, standing up for Christ, etc.  He met others his age who were going through the same things as him and they were able to support one another while growing in the Lord.

Youth groups meet kids where they are at and they give them a foundation to grow on. They are a “backup plan” so to speak, for parents. They give our teens a support system; which let’s face it – they really need!  They need peers their own age who they can turn to in their schools to encourage them and understand the daily world they are a part of.

If your church has a youth group but your child doesn’t seem interested in it or it seems like it’s floundering, I encourage you to seek out a stronger one. I understand that you may like your church, but your child’s faith is important enough to make some changes in your life, don’t you think? You can either decide to switch churches for a while to give your child a stronger foundation, or you can make the agreement to let your child attend a youth group somewhere else.  If you don’t attend a church at all, I can’t urge you enough to get involved in one with an active, growing youth department. Youth are our future and any church that understands and realizes that will invest into them instead of ignoring them.

Our job as parents is tougher because of the direction our society has taken. We need all the support we can get to help us raise young men and women who will take a stand for the Lord.  Youth groups are one of the best tools to help us do that. You just need to make the choice and decision that your children are worth it.


~ Dionna Sanchez is Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry at – you can also find her blogging over at


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