Be a Blessing

Life is hard. If you are alive, you know full well that life is hard. It brings heartache, hurts, disappointments, and challenges.

So often we tend to look and hope for blessings. We desire people to be blessings to us in our lives. Someone to come up alongside of us and encourage us – bringing joy into our hearts.

It’s not bad to want that in your life. We all need that.  But I just have to wonder if you are walking the walk yourself? Are you a blessing to others?  When you speak to others, do you speak life, love, and joy to them? Are you selective in who you encourage?

God says in the Bible, “Blessed are those who are peacemakers.” To me, that means we should use our mouths to help and heal. If we have the opportunity to bring renewal to someone’s heart, we should do it. If we can help a relationship or perspective mend, we should do that. It is a joy and a privilege to impact someone so powerfully. It is also our heritage as a Christian child of God. You can change someone’s life by your words.

I watch a lot of brothers and sisters in the Lord become a source of blessing to some people, and yet alienate or ignore others. What kind of example are we being? We can’t just pick and choose those we want to bless. It doesn’t work that way.  God loves all of us – not just those of us who are easily loveable.  If I chose only to bless my children and they watched me use my mouth and my heart to criticize others (maybe a teacher, someone in my church, or an extended family member), what am I teaching them? Am I showing them how to forgive? Do I model the example of grace and mercy for them? No, I don’t think so.

We wait for others to do what we ourselves should be doing. We should be living a life of blessing to others. I believe if we are, then that blessing will come back to us! I also believe that living a life of being a blessing to others is a very fulfilling life. It feels so good and so right inside to know that God is using you to connect with someone.

We are representatives of Jesus Christ. It’s about time we start acting like one. Allow God to work through you to help remove someone else’s burdens or to bring a little sunshine into their life. Look for those who are overlooked. Maybe they don’t have a huge problem or obstacle in their life. Maybe they are simply a giver themselves and no one seems to notice that they too, need some blessings and encouragement bestowed on them in their life to motivate them to continue on.

It’s up to us to strengthen one another on this walk of life. Don’t sit back and wait for that strength to come – because someone may be waiting for you.


~ By Dionna Sanchez

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