You Were Called To Be a Mom

I became a mom when I was 23 years old. I had just gotten married and my husband had custody of his 5-year-old son – which made me an immediate full-time mom.  It was a challenge, but one that I tried to embrace with everything that was in me.

As time went on, I tried to run from the title of being a “step mom.” I didn’t like all the negative connotations that went with that word. I was just fine with people thinking I was my stepson’s real mom! But you know what? In hindsight, I now see that God called me to step in to my “son’s” life and become his stepparent. It’s not something I should be ashamed of, or something I should run from. It was God’s desire and choice for my life. It has also been God’s choice for my life to have two other daughters’.

However you had your children, whether you became pregnant by accident, whether you adopted, are a stepparent, whether you have a large family or a small … it is God’s calling for you to be a mom to those children. Have you ever looked at your role as a mom in that way? Have you ever realized that being a mom is a calling? It is a privilege!

As soon as you have those babies, or those children arrive into your home, you are called by God to mother them and to give your absolute best.  With every calling comes responsibility and parenting is no different.  We need to remember that we are responsible for forming and molding someone else’s life.  We need to be intentional and responsible for how we raise our children.  That means we need to filter what they watch, who they hang out with, how we allow them to act, and what kinds of influences come into their lives.

I think some mothers “get” the calling of motherhood right from the beginning. Still others either forget it or don’t realize that God has issued a calling on their life. And having a call to be a mother doesn’t mean that God won’t also call you to do other things. He can! It simply means that He has chosen to use you in one of the most important roles in life – influencing and raising another human being.

Don’t ever minimize your role as a mom. Don’t forget how important it is that you are impacting our world and society by how you are raising your children. You matter so much – and the Lord has called you whether you feel worthy of that calling or not. It’s time to step up to the plate and give your all; not just for Him – but for your children.


~ Dionna Sanchez is honored that God chose her to be a step mom and mother. She continues to learn daily from those roles. You can visit her ministry at


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