Living On Should’s

fall-2008-034Moms have a problem.  Let’s face it – most of us represent Martha in the Bible. You remember her, right? She was busy serving Jesus while Mary sat at His feet and listened?  Martha was hustling and bustling about and got in a little tizzy because her sister was not helping her.  And we are SOO like her!
When was the last time you said, “I need to…” or “I should….?”  We say it all of the time and we live in that frame of mind.  The frame of mind that is all about what we should be doing and how we should be doing it. 
It’s no surprise that we are crumbling from the pressure we are putting on ourselves. Instead of being able to enjoy our company, relax more often, or go with the flow of a moment… we are wrapped up in demands we are placing on our own shoulders.
We walk around our homes talking about how much we have to do, how busy we are, and this, that, and the other that we have just GOT to accomplish. I do it too! And when we do this, we are creating a mindset that is anything but calm and relaxing. We are always thinking ahead to the next “should” or “have-to-do” instead of being fully “in-the-moment.”
My heart desires to be more like Mary. Mary knew what was truly important. I’m guessing she was anything but lazy.  My guess is, that she simply knew what was important. At that moment in time, Jesus was the most important thing; listening to Him, and spending time with Him was more important than setting up for dinner.
If my children are truly seeking me out – I want to be thankful for that and not putting them off for “to-do’s” that will still be there tomorrow. I want to be able to know where to invest my time, and where and when to say “no” to things that I would have only done because I felt I “should.”
I’ve let “should’s” weigh in on my days, schedule and life for far too long. I do not want to live a selfish life, but an intentional life that knows what to value and prioritize. I know that if I continue on the course I used to be on, that people would only suck my “good intentions” out of me for service anyways. I, instead, want to be valued and valuable in what I choose to do – for myself, for God, and for others.
How about you?
 ~ Dionna Sanchez (Follow me on twitter!


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  1. Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur
    May 16, 2009 @ 01:19:48

    Great article. I am going to post a link to it from my blog.


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