Too Casual with God

I have come to the conclusion lately, that most of us are too casual with God. I know that I have felt convicted about how casual I have been with my Lord. It can become too common place to pray to Him with a “please that” and a “Lord I ask you for this” or just a “thank you for doing that.” I think we have forgotten who we are dealing with!

Jesus is God. GOD. He is GREATLY to be praised and worthy of our fear. He is powerful and sovereign.

Our generation has almost become complacent about revering our Lord. We say that Jesus is the God of our life – but then we whine about this or that – failing to submit each and every second of our day to Him. Failing to realize that what God gives in our lives – He has every right to take away.

Have you ever seen someone worship God? Truly worship Him? Usually they either have their hands thrust in the air, they are on their knees, or they might have their eyes closed as they soak in the words of a song or chorus. They humble themselves because they have endured trials and challenges. They have felt great pain and KNOW and FEEL the awesomeness, the greatness, the power of our Almighty Lord.

I know that God wants me to come to Him like I would a friend. And I can talk to Him and converse to Him throughout my day. I think God enjoys it when we do that. But I also have come to realize that we minimilize His royalty and the fact that He is ruler of ALL. We would treat a celebrity in much more reverence than we treat our Lord sometimes! We think too highly of ourselves and believe too little of our Lord to truly allow ourselves to treat Him with all of the accolades He deserves. We say “God this” and “God that” – with no real thought to it. We don’t bow down our daily lives to Him.

God deserves our worship. He deserves our esteem, honor, and glory. I pray that I, personally, can begin to act in mind, actions, and spirit – more serious about the way I praise, submit, talk about, repent, and serve my Lord.

One day I am going to be accountable for my heart, thoughts, and actions before Him. And I don’t want to fall on my face ashamed because I minimized who He is.


~ Dionna Sanchez is Founder  of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry at


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